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Xdcc speed download

Xdcc speed

This is my speed if I am downloading something through DCC. It shows my max download speed. Wish to have Optimum Online then I would get faster download speed, but I have Earthlink so my speeds are limited to kbps/kbps.:). 22 Dec I would like to stick with IRC but need to improve the speed. . I've used Mirc, Excursion and XDCC Klipper and they have all given the same. I've used irc a lot, and have always loved my insane download speeds. But now, I 'm barely getting anything. * Tried different servers. * Tried.

XDCC is a computer file sharing method which uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC ) network as a the bots and save them to a separate window to facilitate easier browsing and allow users to view the status of a bot (speed, queues, slots etc.). "A common complaint about DCCs is their lack of speed. mIRC's default DCC options leave the speed at a pathetically low level; to speed. 12 Jul Downloading files using XDCC is opted by many due to its The expected speed would be megabytes per second instead of megabits.

im having problems with xdcc catcher on bigpond cable, it seems to cap my maximum download speed to kbps no matter how many. XDCC bots work using PMs (private messages) sent to the bot with a request . 5 hours and 44 minutes, it depends the connection speed of the people in front. does anyone have tips for dl(dcc) speed increament in mirc???? i usually download at kb - kb(byte) in internet explorer, but its really.


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