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Definition and Usage. The:last-child selector matches every element that is the last child of its parent. Tip: p:last-child is equal to p:nth-last-child(1). 4 Jan The:last-child CSS pseudo-class represents the last element among a group of sibling elements. The definition of ':last-child' in that specification. Pseudo-class. 3 May The:nth-last-child() CSS pseudo-class matches elements based on their position among a group of siblings, counting from the end.

3 Apr The:last-child selector allows you to target the last element directly inside its containing element. It is defined in the CSS Selectors Level 3 spec. While:last matches only a single element:last-child can match more than one: one for each parent. Example: Find the last span in each matched div and add. How to select an element that is the first or last child of its parent. The:first-child pseudo class means "if this element is the first child of its parent".:last-child.

26 Sep Pseudo-class:last-child. The:last-child pseudo-class represents an element that is the last child of some other element. Same as. 6 Sep The nth-child() and nth-of-type() selectors are “structural” pseudo-classes, which are classes that allow us to select elements based on. Last Child is an Indonesian pop punk/ alternative rock band formed in The band's current members are Virgoun Teguh (vocals and guitar), Rachmad.


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