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Static identity and dynamic identity ppt download

Static identity and dynamic identity ppt

10 Sep i really liked this ppt .but there no downlaod option why?? Static identity is based on - Qualification and Awards - power and Position - Past DIFFERENCE between Static and Dynamic identities Static Identities •Present. 5 Jun to recognize static and dynamic identity. 1. Gandhinagar Institute of Technology Aadeshara Akshay() Derasari. 5 Apr A) STATIC IDENTITY: Such an identity is very short seen, short lived and B) DYNAMIC IDENTITY: This kind of identity is a contributors Identity.

15 Jan To recognize 'static identities' and 'dynamic identities' in well known personalities ”. 1. • Jitendra thakor; 2. Personalities of the most 3 persons. 20 Oct Static And Dynamic Identity. 1. PREPARED BY NIHAL SHIROYA (EE) ( ); Identity means characteristics of a person. This is a static identity, based on your past glories or past failures. This static * DYNAMIC IDENTITY is - “I = My power to contribute in the current situation”.

The realized and integrated personality, finding its identity only in God, and no When the static and the dynamic type of a reference variable are different, the/. 11 Feb Non-Contributors and contributors Define themselves differently. * Contributors Choose “Dynamic Identity”. Non-Contributors Choose “Static. 18 Jan static identity. The Non-contributor Microbiology Researcher with a static identity. The Contributor Environmental Engineer with a dynamic.


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